Thursday, 27 August 2015

National Beading Week
Secret Beadalong

Pattern by Jean Power

One month to go and this is my choice of items from the list of ingredients we have been given.

We were also given details to get a head start on making a bezel for the rivoli's (the bright pink crystals.

The evening before day 1, Jean emailed the instructions for the first pendant

Day 2 - Pendant 2

Day 3 - Pendant 3

Day 4 - Pendant 4

Day 5 - Pendant 5

Day 6 & 7 we made the necklace for the pendants.  The final picture below is my finished necklace.
Hope you like it as much as I do, I thoroughly enjoyed this project and have no hesitation in taking part again next year if there is a Secret Beadalong.

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